We are looking for writers and visual artists to submit work that pushes the limits of their craft and adds to an exhibition of progressive ideas from all over the world. 

Wild Terrain

June 2014


What do artists explore when they are inside themselves and outside society? 

Reverse Programming

September 2014


How do we reverse our own programming? What do artists think about when they navigate the taking back of their insides and outsides? 


February 2015


Exploration of the fluidity of memory and how it shapes lives. How does the past influence the future? We asked artists to explore the dichotomy between reality and fantasy. The false glorification of moments/ages/years and eras. False memories. How memories can traumatize a person and shape their future experiences/decision making or identity, selective memory as a defense mechanism, the collective memory of the human experience/consciousness and memories of past lives. 

The Awakening

June 2015


The awakening of new perspectives. Moments when one observes their environment and makes a different impact because of this observation. Moments when an individual goes from no sensory input to being flooded with it. What causes this? What is the experience? What is the lesson? What does it lead to in terms of development/growth? How does it impact society?