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Deconstruction: 90 Questoins: 8th Grade Art Exhibition

  • The Living Gallery 1094 Broadway Brooklyn, NY, 11221 United States (map)

Join us as we celebrate the final thesis art exhibition featuring works of 8th Grade Students of Achievement First Brownsville Middle School.

Their projects are based on New Jim Crow and our prison system, Immigration, photography about neighborhoods in Brooklyn evolving over time, and right now they are working on audio/sound pieces based on their idea of home.

To deconstruct is to destroy a framework. For scholars finding their way through the education system in Brownsville, Brooklyn, frameworks are often forces of restriction, oppression, suffocation, alienation, perpetuation and, at times, ruination. Some of these frameworks were put into place consciously and strategically to keep power dynamics in place which have benefited some and subjugated others. Others have been developed as by-products of social ills and were created insidiously beneath the surface of social consciousness.

Needless to say, a teenager attending school in Brownsville, Brooklyn, home of an 8% college graduation rate, can all too easily feel powerless. With ninety questions, ninety students begin a process to harness their intrinsic power to bring these frameworks to the point of destruction, through deconstruction – through questioning. In such a formative year of their lives, these questions give them the power to reconstruct frameworks that work for them and their communities, rather than be formed by an inheritance of oppressive frameworks over which they have been given no power.

Questioning gender, race, sexuality, body image and displaced ethnicity, these artists use a variety of mediums, from more traditional painting and drawing to contemporary use of video, photography and audio. As they use questions to find the power to reconstruct frameworks that work for them, their artistic form is as freely chosen as well. Classic concepts of art are options, but expression and deconstruction for these artists embraces form as it fits the individual, rather than forcing the individual to fit a certain form. As a result, their education is one of opportunity, rather than oppression, and the power to question that these pieces represent will be an art form they will pursue throughout the life-long process of deconstructing the world around them and reconstructing it as it suits their individualities.

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