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Jesse Kressen

Jessie T. Kressen is a visual artist & illustrator living in Brooklyn. She trained as a theatrical set designer, initially working to create immersive installations for live performance. When one of those performances was translated into a novel, Jessie turned her focus to creating two dimensional, descriptive worlds that simultaneously illustrate a story while leaving gaps for the imagination. She explores the juxtaposition of emotional response, suggestion, abstraction and accident through mediums that require the surrender of control. 



Svetlana Jovanovic

Svetlana Jovanovic’s surreal photography portraits question existing cliches of femininity. Exploiting conventions of fashion photography, Jovanovic’s work organizes around issues of eroticism, taboos, and theatricality. In her endeavor of creating images that are at the same time aesthetically pleasing and discomforting, her portraits evoke dreamlike sequences of women masked, emanating loneliness, alienation or ecstasy. Using often monochromatic backgrounds and digital image manipulation, Jovanovic explores the ambiguities in the visual legacy of the female form, creating atmospheric narratives of psychological and uncanny nature. The unease and ambiguity that surrounds Jovanovic’s photos encourage the viewer to recognize on their own objectifying practices and expectations of the female body in fashion and photography.

Sharif Makhale

N.Y. based artist, sherief makhail's story is not the usual one. A mostly self taught artist he eventually hung up his paint brushes and pencils for a karate uniform. After devoting his life to helping children through the sport of karate and having not painted in over 15 years. ..a series of events in the artist's life led him to heal through art. "Art saved my life" says sherief... "when I was at the lowest point of my life...it was the canvas that listened...and ultimately helped me heal". And from these events was born the "recycled" series. The pieces are done on cardboard and are mixed medium. When asked, why cardboard. ..the artist says: "The medium is the medium....like the words to convey the message. But the canvas. ... cardboard is frail...vulnerable. ...just like we are. So in essence..." recycled ' is about finding the beauty in things that are easily discarded. ... vulnerable and ultimately human."...